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Ring Jacket

The ultimate guide to Ring Jacket suits & sportcoats:

       Since 1954, Ring Jacket has built a reputation for creating quality garments blending Japanese, British, and American sensibilities with a southern Italian flair. The Armoury by Ring Jacket features our exclusive models, created just for us.

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We believe in garments with a soul.

           Drop93 is a new retail project by The Armoury, a Hong Kong based menswear retailer, specializing in pre-owned and new old stock items carefully sourced and curated in-house.

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Further Reductions

Ring Jacket Navy with Brown Windowpane Wool/Silk Sport Coat MTM (Pre-Owned)
$12,000 HKD
$2,500 HKD
Drake's Red with Black Cross Silk Tie
$1,500 HKD
$350 HKD
Ring Jacket 184 Cotton Jersey Diamond Pattern Sport Coat (NOS)
$8,100 HKD
$3,500 HKD
Carmina Brown Suede Penny Loafers
$3,550 HKD
$1,000 HKD
Ciccio Blue Linen Suit (Pre-Owned)
$51,000 HKD
$9,000 HKD
Felisi Black Calf Wallet (NOS)
$3,200 HKD
$950 HKD
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IGTV Items by Mark Cho

        Drop93 Co-Founder @markchodotcom introduces a selection of special items on IGTV.

Check out @drop93hk Show & Tell videos.

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